Mission statement

CIJO, the youth organization of the Center for Information and Documentation Israel (CIDI), was founded by students who all have a heart for Israel from different affinities and who would like to see peace in the Middle East. The founders want to enrich the contemporary public debate with an organization that dares to speak out a moderate opinion in a fierceful debate. Beside that the founders had the idea to look for peaceful solution by empathising with all parties involved in the conflict. Beside that CIJO wants to build a peaceful society in the Netherlands. Therefore CIOJ actively fights racism, discrimination and prejudices. CIJO especially focuses on antisemitism in the Dutch and European society.


CIJO supports Israel and believes that peace in the Middle East is possible. The right to exist of Israel as a democratic state for the Jewish People has a central place in CIJO’s vision. Beside that there is a wide variety inside CIJO about the different Israeli governments, political parties and politicians. CIJO is a political organization in the meaning that we are interfering the political debate. CIJO does not have a established political (party) program other than the ‘open’ vision supporting a two-state solution. This position was chosen to make CIJO an organization for all people who want to see peace in the Middle East. This way we want to combat polarization and especially the “we-we”-feeling within the current debate.

Furthermore CIJO stands up against anti-semitism, racism and discrimination in the Netherlands. To combat anti-semitism CIJO is involved in education about freedom, tolerance and exclusion.

Briefly CIJO is the voice for youngsters who are striving for:

  • A society respecting the existence of Israel and its people and the sovereignty of other nations without exceptions;
  • A society which is able to get information about the Middle East on the basis of fair and balanced reporting;
  • A democratic Israel, based on the principles of freedom, equality and justice;
  • A two-state solution as the basis for peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians;
  • A society without anti-semitism, racism and other forms of discrimination.


CIJO is registered at the Dutch “Chamber of Commerce” as an association. This means CIJO is led by a board that receives its mandate from all members. Every year the mandate has to be received at the Annual General Meeting.

CIJO is an independent association. Although it tries to pursue the same goals as CIDI, the organization is qualified as an independent association with financial, administrative and substantive autonomy. However, both organizations (CIDI is a foundation and CIJO is an association) work closely together. The link between CIJO and CIDI is the chairman of CIJO. The chairman of CIJO works at the office of CIDI as one of their employees and is responsible for the communication and interaction between both organizations.


To contact CIJO you can send an e-mail to or call us at 0031 70 364 68 62 or 0031 6 128 321 37. It is also possible to send us a fax at 0031 70 365 33 72. For sending us mail, please use the following address:

CIDI Youth Organization CIJO
PO Box 11646
The Netherlands