Jerusalem Post: “Israel has young friends in the Netherlands”

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Jerusalem Post: “Israel has young friends in the Netherlands”

The Jerusalem Post heeft deze week aandacht besteed aan CIJO en onze Fact Finding Mission naar Israël en de West Bank. Voorzitter Paul van der Bas werd geinterviewd over de reis en de doelstellingen van CIJO:

The name of the annual ‘CIJO Fact Finding Mission’ is meant to show exactly what the organization tries to accomplish.

“The goal of the trip is to show a fair and balanced view of Israel, and also a complete view which is difficult to do in seven days,” Van der Bas said. “I do believe the overall program shows a very nuanced, balanced and as whole and complete picture as possible.”

The 23 young Dutch participants, ranging in age from 18 to 30, come from various political, social and religious backgrounds.

What they all share is a desire to learn more about Israel, Middle East geopolitics, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Israeli society. They all hope to be better informed before forming an opinion.

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